Дата проведения: 
28.11.2021 - 09.12.2021
онлайн, серия мероприятий

Биоэнергетическая конференция IEA Bioenergy Conference 2021 пройдет в режиме онлайн в виде нескольких сессий с 28 ноября по 9 декабря 2021 года. Мероприятие будет на английском языке. Ниже информация на нем.

The three-yearly conference of IEA Bioenergy will be held on this occasion as a series of online sessions in the period 28 November to 9 December 2021. The central theme will be around the role of biomass in the transition towards a carbon neutral society.

There will be one or two sessions per day, and schedules will be fixed to facilitate participation from all over the globe. Each day will be dedicated to a specific topic.

Participants will be able to register for the sessions of their interest. On-line participation will be free of charge, but pre-registration will be required.

More info will be available here.

Подробнее: www.svebio.se/en/evenemang/iea-bioenergy-conference-2021/


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