Дата проведения: 
31.01.2017 - 01.02.2017

Конфернция  "Black pellets for steam boilers in industrial use and for heat production" пройдет на английском и шведском языках. Первый день будет на английском языке. Второй день - на шведском.

Welcome to meet the Swedish pellet actors at the conference Pellets 2017. The conference takes place in Kalmar 31 January to 1 February, in southeast Sweden, at the medieval Kalmar Castle by the Baltic Sea.

At Pellets 2017, Bengt Attebo from Peterobio will present their test of torrified and steam exploded black pellets in a steam boiler designed for white pellets. The results are very promising. Also Peter Björklund from Valmet will present Valmet’s latest research and tests on steam treated and densified woody biomass.

Leading experts like Bill Strauss from Future Meterics and Eric Vial from European Pellet Council and ProPellets will be there to talk about the latest pellet productions trends in Europe and America as well as the markets they serve.

The second day is in Swedish, covering technical developments, conversion projects in industry, certification and research.

Welcome to Pellets 2017 – for networking and interesting discussions!


Подробнее здесь: www.svebio.se


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