Дата проведения: 
11.02.2013 - 15.02.2013
Финляндия, Коли

WES2013 - Forest energy & bioeconomy 2013
4th International event in Koli 11.-15.2.2013

Межуднародная конференция "Лесная энергетика и биоэкономика 2013"

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Post-Conference study tour “Bioeconomy from small to large scale” 14.-15.2.2013;
Price €185 including meals and accommodation and taxes.
Thursday 14.2.2013
Start 8:00 am, Koli
8:30 am
Tulikivi Oyj, Bioheat and aesthetics for homes and saunas, Nunnanlahti (25 km, 30min)
- World leading manufacturer of heat retaining stoves out of soapstone
- Domestic scale of heating
11:00 am
Nurmes Lämpö Oy Vinkerlahti heating plant and the KME forest fuel supply business (50 km, 45min)
- 4 MW wood chip boiler
- Use of wood chips 23,000 m3/a, heat production 18.000 MWh
Bioeconomy on regional scale: Karjalan Metsä ja Energia KME Oy (www.kmeoy.fi/; pages only in Finnish)
- Established 2007 by two forest machine entrepreneurs
- Wood chip producer for Nurmeksen Lämpö Oy and other heating plants in North-Karelia and Northeast Savo, total production ca 100,000 m3 in 2012 (estimation)
- 20 employees (one of the biggest out of the large forest industry companies)
Lunch hosted by the town of Nurmes
1:45 pm
Farm size combined heat and power (chp) plant by Volter Oy (10 km, 10 min)
- 30 kWe + 60 kWth wood chip gasification unit
- Power and heat for the consumption of the farm, excess power to national grid
3:30 pm
Savotta forest harvesting demo by Ponsse Oyj (80 km, 1h)
- Integrated & energy wood harvesting
- Latest harvesting technology
5:30 pm
Ponsse, factory visit (70 km, 1 h)
- One of the world’s leading manufacturers of forest machines
- Products cover the diverse requirements of efficient harvesting faced by machine entrepreneurs
- Dinner hosted by Ponsse
- www.ponsse.com
8:30 pm
Accommodation at Runni Terveyskylpylä (30 km, 25min)
- Guesthouse with spa (http://www.runni.fi/?lang=en)
- Heat provided by Runni Bioenergia Oy (heating plant visit on Friday)

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