07 February 2017, 00:11

France-based agro-industry engineering and process major, Moret Industries Group has announced a reorganization of Promill Stolz and Maguin Promill to the company Promill, fusing both drying and pelleting activities at its site in Serville, France.

Effective as of 1 January 2017, both entities within the Moret Industries Group are fully integrated under the widely known and recognized banner of Promill, as a leading supplier of equipment for many industries such as wood, sugar, green crops, alcohol & starch, animal feed and fertilizers, with more than 60 years’ experience in a wide range of drying, milling and pelleting applications.

This significant simplification and reinforcement of its organization enable Promill to raise its level of competence to further develop its supply and service of proven and innovative technical solutions, starting from the single equipment to the complete line.

Promill displays its great ambition, « Build a unified team, based on skills and pooled experiences for the benefit of our customers », asserts itself in its new slogan, “Together stronger for your success”.


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