The biofuel production and utilization in Russian and the World, Ocotber 20, 2010, Saint-Petersburg


Moderator: Dr.Olga Rakitova, the National Bioenergy Union



National Bioenergy Union
St. Petersburg State Technological Uuniversity of Plant Polymers
St. Petersburg State Forest–Technical Academy
Olga Rakitova, P.H.D. in Economics, Executive Director, National Bio–Energy Union

Conference program

10.00 am–10.10 am Moderator: Olga Rakitova, P.H.D. in Economics, Executive Director, National Bio–Energy Reports:
10.10 am–10.30 am European energy policy influence on the European pellet market future development
Heinz Kopetz, President, European Bio–Fuel Association
10.30 am–10.50 am K key issues and opportunities of bio–energy development in the Uu.S.
Dr. Richard Phillips, Professor, North Carolina State University
10.50 am–11.10 am UuNECE Biomass Project for the Regions of the Russian Federation
Hans Jansen, Senior Councilor for Projects,United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
11.10 am–11.30 am Availability of forest biomass for energy production
Timo Karjalainen, D.Sc. (Agr. & For.), Professor,
Antti Asikainen, D.Sc. (Agr. & For.), Professor, Finnish Forest Research Institute, Metla
11.30 am–11. 50 am Launch of the world largest pellet manufacture with output volume of 1 mln. per year at Vyborrgskaya Cellulose JSC
Aleksey Kazmin, President, Vyborrgskaya Cellulose JSC
11.50 am–12.20 pm COFFEE–BREAK

12.20 pm–12.35 pm U usage of hard bio–fuel in Germany: grains and briquettes, HEP on bio–fuel
Sergey Perederiy, Director, EKO Holz und Pellets
12.35 pm–12.45 pm Sweden policy in the field of bio–fuel
Tatjana Stern, Professor, Sweden Agricultural University
12.45 pm–1.00 pm K kyoto protokol and bioenergyy
Vladimir Dyiachkov, Director, Department for project realisation
1.00 pm–1.15 pm Energy efficient plant origin hard-fuel boilerss
Dimitar Dimitrov, East Europe Curator, HERZ Energietechnik GmbH (Austria)
Andrey Bryansky, Projects manager, Hard–fuel boilers and heat pumps HERZ, HERZ Energietechnik GmbH (Austria)
1.15 pm–1.30 pm The building project of pellet factories network in Nort-West and Central part of Russia.
Valery Roshupkin, group of companies «Russian Forestry Projects»
1.30 pm–2.30 pm LUuNCH
2.30 pm–2.45 pm Concepts of heat and power energy production at enterprises manufacturing wooden board materials – economy and energy approaches
Andreas Shteffen, Doctor, leading technologist, Siempelkamp GmbH
2.45 pm–3.00 pm Wooden pellets and opportunities of carbon market
Christian Serrano, Project Head, CRS Carbon Revenue Services S.A.
3.00 pm–3.15 pm The necessity to form domestic biofuel market
Yuriy Trubin, Arkhangelsk region Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry
3.15 pm–3.30 pm Projects of switching boilers to biofuel in the Russian North–West. Opportunities of projects for joint implementation within the frames of Kkyoto protocol
Marina Matveeva, Director, FORCE Technology Rusland
3.15 pm–3.30 pm Bio-energy, international trade of biomass and renewable forestry resources
Dr. Richard Sikkema, Project Head, Utrecht University, Copernicus Institute(the Netherlands)
3.30 pm–3.45 pm Standards for biofuel
Lars Sjoberg,Secretary of CEN/TC 335 Solid Biofuels, Swedish Standards Institute (SIS) (Sweden)
3.45 pm–4.00 pm Grains production from straw
Aloyzas Tsitvaras, Heating engineer, Consultant, Bioprojektas JSC
4.00 pm–4.20 pm COFFEE–BREAKk
4.20 pm–4.35 pm Production of wood pellets
Daniel Meier, Biofuel program Head,
Sergey Migolatiev, representative in Russia, Bühler AG Feed & Biomass (Switzerland)
4.35 pm–4.55 pm BRUKukS equipment for wood energy efficiency
Vladimir Jsipov, Head, sales department, BRUCS concern
4.55 pm–5.10 pm Transport and logistics issues in the field of granules transporting
Vladimir Kuchinsky, director, RBA
5.10 pm–5.25 pm The trends of pellet development in Europe. The secrets of pricing. Market demand.
Lennart Ljuingblom, CEO, The bioenergy International, SVEBIO (Sweden)
5.25 pm–5.40 pm Briquetting of wood waste
Vladimir Avshtolis, Marketing Director, Pini Briquette
5.40 pm–5.55 pm Briquettes production in Russia, market, equipment
Svetlana Alexandrova, Deputy Director, CEO, Forwood Technology, PETRONIILH




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