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The Bioenergy International.Russia 2(35) – 2015

The main topic of the magazine The Bioenergy International.Russia 2-2015 is the liquid biofuel production in Russia. High taxes on alcohol manufacture are the main barriers for biofuel production in the Russian Federation. Situation could be changed in 2017 when biofuels receive the special status and taxes will be reduced.
Other topics are about pellets, briquettes, forest resources, certification of biomass, biogas, conferences and etc.
Certification becomes one of the important subjects for pellet produces. The biggest Russian pellet plant “VLK” is in the process of receiving SBP industrial certificate from Danish company. The market situation is described in other analytical stories as well.
Biogas article is very interesting and describes the new technology for biogas production in Russia.
The pages about conferences tell about WSED in Austria as well as about other Russian and European big events for the last 3 months.

More information is presented in Russian here