Saint-Petersburg State Forest Technical University,Saint-Petersburg, Russia

CONIFER seminar:
Time: 26 November 2014
Venue: Saint-Petersburg State Forest Technical University
Address: Institutsky per., 5, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Languages of the seminar are English and Russian with simultaneous translation.
No participation fee.
9.30 Registration and coffee
10.15 Welcome addresses
Alexander Alekseev, First Vice-rector, SPbFTU, Moderator ?
… Lappeenranta University of Technology
10.30 Introduction of participants
10.45 Plenary presentations
1) 30 min – Anu Honkanen, Presentation of FRFA2 results and CONIFER network
2) 30 min – Dmitry Ponomarev, Some modern trends in chemical wood processing
1) 20 min – METLA, Production of bioethanol, biocoal, special sugars and biobased lignin and hemicellulose products from renewable raw materials obtained from forests, fields and peatlands” OR “Production of hemicellulose and lignin based products from renewable raw materials”
2) 20 min – SPbSTUPP (chemistry of wood)
12.30 Lunch break
13.30 Presentations
4) 20 min – SPbFTU, New composite materials based on hydrolysis lignin: lignin polyurethanes, adsorbents, organic lignin plastic
5) 20 min - LUT ?
6) 20 min – to be confirmed in the nearest future: SPbFTU, “Experience in use of tree green mass in production of cosmetics and medicaments”
14.30 Coffee
15.00 Some innovative ideas and achievements in the frame of CONIFER network
1) 15 min - METLA, about study on roundwood markets in Northwest Russia
2) 15 min - SPbSTUPP, about a new educational program in the field of biofuel issues
3) 15 min -? LUT
15.45 Discussion. Closing remarks.
Online registration to the seminar by November 20, 2014.

Contacts:, +7-812-670-93-63

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