20 April 2011

Russians should secure their biofuel supply to Europe by constriction of their own biomass cogeneration and power stations in Europe.

It should be power stations which use pellets first of all. A lot of European states (as Germany for example) support the green power suppliers by subsidies. The payback period for the European biofuel power station is about 5-7 years. It is very short period for such investments and because of this it could be very interesting business.
Installation of power station in Europe could secure the Russia wood pellet export for big biofuel producers from this country. Moreover, the green tariff for such electricity is a very stable income in future in Europe. The experience which Russians could receive in Europe by construction power stations could also be very useful inside Russia in the near future when biofuel will be consumed on the domestic market as well.

Read more about situation in European power stations and opportunities to install new facilities in the next issue of the magazine The Bioenergy International.Russia, 2-2011.