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The main topics



Agrobiomass. Husk pellets

There are about 5 big husk pellet producers in Russia so far. The capacities of these companies are about 300 000 tones of husk pellets per year. 150 000 tons of husk pellets are exported. At the same the potential in husk pellets is bigger in Russia.


Shiping pellets in harbour

The production volume of pellets is more than 1 000 000 t/y in Russia. At the same time there is no European harobor facilities for pellets in this country. How to solve the problem?


Liquid biofuels

European market of ethanol, MTBE and ETBE

Benzines are the most valuable energy resources in the World, what is the market for the bio-benzines in Europe and the world?


The new Russian drying and chipping machinary: problems, questions and advantages.



Biogas industry of Ukraine


Senimars, conferences


Europellets in Austris, The Russian Parlement conference about biofuel and etc.


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