21 November 2014, 00:32

The new plant is owned and operated by Taiga LLC in village Kalary of Tashtagolsky area of Kemerovo region. Governor of the region, Aman Tuleyev opened the wood pellet plant by himself.

The capacity of new plant is 300 tones per month. It is not big volume but the company is planed to increase it till 25 000 toner per year.
The current investment in the plant is 60 000 000 rubbles. Produced pellets will be sold domestically in the region. 5 coal boilers in the region Mountain Shoria will be substituted by wood pellets. It will improve the ecological situation in the natural reserve.
Mountain Shoria is the territory in the south of Kuzbass, which is included in the 200 UNESCO list of world of natural complexes of global ecological significance.


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