Russia, Saint-Petersburg

The conference on 20th of October 2010

The forestry bioenergy potential

(in the framework of the International Forestry Forum)

Moderator: Dr. Olga S.Rakitova, The National Bioenergy Union, Russia

Main topics

Availability of forest biomass to energy
The use of solid biofuel in Germany: trade
of granules and briquette, combined heat
and power.
Biofuel policy on Sweden
Projects of transmitting boilers to biofuel use
in the North-West of Russia. Opportunities
of joint projects within Kyoto Protocol.
Bioenergy – a significant factor for forestry
Biofuel standartization. New European
of Plant Polymers
St.Petersburg State
Academy named after S.M.
Оlga Rakitova, Ph.D. in
Bio-energy Union
biofuel standard
Production granules of straw
Production of wood pellets
Standards for biofuel
Issues of transport and logistic in the field of granules transporting
Wood chipping and drying
Briquetting of wood wastes
Biofuel boilers
Production of granules and biofuel boilers
Wood pellets and opportunities in the Carbon Market
Bioenergy, international biomass trade & sustainable forest resources


Invited speakers
Heinz Kopetz, President of European bio-fuel
Antti Asikainen, Finnish Forest Research Institute,
Sergey Perederiy, Director of EKO Holz und
Tatjana Stern, Professor of Sweden Agricultural
Lennart Ljungblom, Head of The Bioenergy
International, SVEBIO
Yu.N.Fyodorov, Director of National Organisation
for support of carbon pickup projects
Christian Serrano, Head of project CRS Carbon
Revenue Services S.A.
M.B.Matveeva, Director of FORCE Technology
V.S.Sukhanov, Professor of State Research Center
of Forestry Sector
Aloizas Zitvaras
Timo Karjalainen, Yuri Gerasimov, Perttu
Anttila, Antti Asikainen, Juha Laitila, Finnish
Forest Research Institute
Marina Matveeva, FORCE Technology Rusland,
Director Russia- Denmark
Olga Rakitova, National Bioenergy Union, Director,
Valeriy Suhanov, Forestry State Research Center,
Professor, Russia
Yuriy Fedorov, National Carbon Sequestration
Foundation, Director, Russia
Emilia Lorenz, Lem Schmiedestahl, Head of
bioenery projects, Germany
Ayia Alakanzas, VTT
Aloisas Zitwaras, UAB “Bioprojektas”
Daniel Meier, Sergey Migolatiev, Bühler AG Feed
& Biomass, Head of biofuel department, a Russian
representative , Switzerland
Lars Sjoberg, Swedish Standards Institute SIS,
Vladimir Kuchinskiy, Russian biofuel association,
Christian Serrano, Project manager, CRS Carbon
Revenue Services S.A.
Dr. Richard Sikkema, Utrecht University,
Copernicus Institute, Netherlands
Richard Philips, Professor, North Carolina State

Lennart Ljungblom

The Bioenergy International, Sweden

tel: +7 812 433 76 80


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The conference will be in Russian and English



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